The Department of Public Health Programs aims to improve cancer screening programmes on a regional, national, and international level and offer the best possible operation of screening programmes in terms of quality and service while taking active share in the public screening agenda. 

The Department is part of Randers Regional Hospital and includes a University Research Clinic in cancer screening appointed by Aarhus University. The Department handles administrative, developmental, and coordinating tasks related to planning and implementing cancer screening in Central Denmark Region. Furthermore, the Department is involved in extensive research activities. 

The Department of Public Health Programmes is led by executive consultant professor MD Berit Andersen and clinical manager Gitte Jessing and organised in three interdisciplinary teams concerned with administration, secretarial tasks, and research.

Currently, Central Denmark Region offers programmes in breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, and colon cancer screening.

For more information on the screening programmes, please see our regional information about cancer screening in english

For more information about our research, please see:  

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